Learning Circle for French speakers

Taster session: Israel-Palestine & France
de 19h à 21h30h (CET), Jeudi 30 Novembre

I'm visiting Cambrai for a writing holiday, and also I'm hoping to assemble a group of French students ready to start a course in January. This will be a chance to to see how I facilitate a group. 


Israel and Palestine dominates the news and is in people's minds, with reverberations in France shaped by its own history and politics. There are many conflicting narrative frames but we'll use the privileged space of a learning circle to explore these different perspectives, as a case study that raises many questions about how we understand the world.


Adult Education and Event Facilitation with English as a second language

Set up by Robin Sivapalan, an adult educator based in London, the current programme for The Utopia Workshop comprises: 


1. Learning Circles for adults, with a focus on developing English language skills at intermediate and advanced levels. 


2. 1-1 coaching sessions, using the Tarot as a reflective tool. These might be one-off or periodical.  


3. Workshop design and facilitation for groups.


4.  A library and study space with outreach and street libraries bringing books to people.



The Utopia Workshop manages English for Action's (EFA) work in Brent and West London. This includes free ESOL classes, social activities, and migrant community organiser training and campaigning.


Improve your English alongside other French speakers. Maybe you're a group of friends at university or in your town. If you come to London or I come to France, we can meet! 


Migrant leaders in the UK & political organisers working on a transnational level face barriers and miss opportunities when they struggle to follow discussions and to express themselves fully in English. This weekly online political education class will draw upon the interests and expertise of the participants - and keep your English moving.


A space to explore the issues you're facing through intelligent conversation, with themes sparked by the tarot. It's not fortune telling and your open creative engagement in the discussion is what makes it work.

Need an external facilitator to help plan and deliver a participatory event with activities that will help your group explore an issue and make decisions creatively?

Participating in any of the fee-paying activities will, aside from paying Robin a salary, help towards funding a workshop and library.

adult education for another world

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